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I'm Isaac Urman

Student and Developer.

I am a Computer Science student at Wentworth Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science with a Minor in Data Science. Currently I work at SuperLogics Inc. as a Backend Developer Intern.

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I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Data Science, at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. My primary focus is on Machine Learning, and I'm particularly interested in its applications in automation and healthcare.

I'm skilled in a variety of programming languages and technologies including Python, JavaScript, React, Java, C, MySQL, and Dart. I'm also experienced with multiple Linux distributions and have a strong command over the Office365 and Google Workspace Suites. In my current role at SuperLogics Inc., I manage databases and integrate a suite of services such as SharePoint, NetSuite, and Teams to meet business objectives while maintaining a strong security posture.

Previously at SuperLogics, I led the redesign of internal SharePoint sites and automation's as a Back End Developer Intern, and was instrumental in the company's transition from QuickBooks to NetSuite. I also gained hands-on experience in computer assembly, progressing from basic systems to specialized server configurations.

On the side, I'm developing a health and fitness application that leverages my software engineering knowledge as well as AI technology to deepen my understanding of Machine Learning and AI. I do my best to balance not only my professional commitments but my academic pursuits and personal life.

About Me

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AI and Machine Learning
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